A Blog for Local Radio Stations in the DRC

The Radionet blog was set up for local radio stations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It aims to strengthen their ways of operating. Virginie Ebner, head of Radionet, reports.

Links between Fondation Hirondelle and its partner radio stations in the DRC have been strengthened thanks to Radionet, a platform for exchange on internet. Radionet is a personal mentor, a problem solver, a talent hunter. It is a blog where lots of ideas are exchanged on how to make local radios in the DRC sustainable.

The blog was launched in April 2011 as part of the Media Sector Development Program (MSDP) led in the DRC by Internews and Fondation Hirondelle, both specialized in support to independent media. It offers a unique space where the radio stations can find all sorts of information, advice and guidance. Software tools for exchanging experience, technical advice, all sorts of subjects which are always varied but always geared to the realities of local media.

By showcasing some of their successes, Radionet has given new exposure to these radio stations and the people who work with them, who have up to now been unknown outside their own provinces. Several of them have even obtained a certain amount of celebrity because of their commitment or their ideas. One example is Mathys Numbi, director of one local radio station, who became a correspondent for VOA after the publication of an article about his station.

Gradually, by posting comments and contributing articles, the local radio activists have come to own the blog, which now permits them to connect with each other. With some 100 articles and 300 comments, Radionet is still developing. But its success with the radio stations suggests a bright future on the Net. Join us on!