Hirondelle’s African media mobilize to address climate change

Conservation and protection of the abundant natural resources and rich biodiversity of West and Central Africa’s forests is a vital part of ensuring peace and sustainable development in the region. These forest ecosystems are of global importance in terms of climate change mitigation, and are considered among the most biologically diverse in the world. Yet human intervention, often driven by poverty and civil conflict, has placed extreme stress on these unique and fragile ecosystems.

The production of charcoal to fuel West African cooking stoves is having a devastating impact on the Guinean forest. Reporter Kadiatou Bah and a team from Studio Hirondelle Guinea, are diving deep into this topic, starting with the felling of trees and production of charcoal all the way to the kitchens in Conakry that depend on the coal producers. And they have brought this story to the COP climate conference in Paris this month.

For 20 years, Fondation Hirondelle has been covering environmental issues and the challenges of climate change through its media across Africa. On the occasion of the COP21 climate conference, organized to bring together global leadership on new strategies to adapt to climate change, Fondation Hirondelle has partnered with Planetworkshops to set up the “Africa Off Event - Land of the African Business (LAB) ” in Paris.

The LAB is providing a setting to exchange “good practices” for heads of African and European business, politics, media, artists, experts, and students.  And our pop-up newsroom, with journalists from Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic and Democracy Republic of Congo, are ensuring a professional media coverage for audiences in Africa.


Photo: Brightstar XD