Malian artists bring the sound of peace to Studio Tamani

On August 19th Studio Tamani in Mali broadcast its first news and radio programmes across a network of 24 partner radio stations. The station’s musical landscape – jingles, interludes – features the work of Malian artists associated with Fondation Passerelle, an organization brought to life by the Malian singer, Rokia Traoré. This collaboration was born out of the collective desire to promote peace and dialogue through the creation of radio programming and music that reflects all Malian voices.

Based in the Maison de la Presse (Press Centre) in Bamako, Studio Tamani’s radio programming is designed to help strengthen the process of peace and reconciliation in Mali. It is the result of a project developed by Fondation Hirondelle, specialists in the creation of independent media in post conflict and crisis settings, and the l’Union des radios et télévisions libres (URTEL), Mali’s main community radio network. The project is supported by the European Union as part of a wider programme with the NGO Interpeace.

A team of Malian journalists and technicians were recruited and trained by Fondation Hirondelle for the production of professional, balanced news in the public interest. The programs are broadcast in French, Bambara, Sonrhaï, Tamashek and Peulh for two hours per day. The programming aims to accompany the democratic process while facilitating a deeper understanding of the issues related to the political reconstruction of Mali. For Fondation Hirondelle and community partner, URTEL, this initiative is intended strengthen the capacities of the project’s Malian radio partners, which is expected to extend to 60 community radios.

Photo: Karine Boutin