Tackling Gender-based Violence with Technology: case studies in developing contexts

A collection of case studies released this week, “Tackling Gender-based violence with technology: Case studies of mobile and internet technology interventions in developing countries”, looks at seven technology based solutions to sexual violence and its social repercussions. The study includes the mobile reporting innovation developed by Media Matters for Women and integrated in Hirondelle USA’s Reporting on Violence against Women and Children project and points to important considerations of gender-inclusiveness, ethical implications and sustainability in project design and implementation.

The full report can be accessed here: Tackling Gender-based Violence with Technology.

Media Matter for Women Sierra Leone (MMW-SL) is a non-profit organization that links traditional systems of radio broadcasting with mobile phones to create digital communications network targeting rural women and girls in Sierra Leone. It is supported by the US 501 c 3 Media Matters for Women.

STATT is a network of practitioners dedicated to mitigating transnational threats and building community resilience. We work in partnership with national governments, donors and civil society to undertake research, analysis, technical assistance and implement programmes across a range of thematic sectors, with activities ongoing in the four corners of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.