Urgent Fondation Hirondelle appeal on Central Africa

As the world finally wakes up to what is happening in the Central African Republic, many people inside the country are left in the dark. Even if the CAR has been making international headlines since December 5, Central Africans in the interior of the country, those who are most victim and also most involved in the internecine violence, lack trustworthy news and information that is so vital at this time. The absence of media in most regions is leaving a gap for rumour and propaganda, which are continuing to fuel inter-communal hatred.

Radio Ndeke Luka is the benchmark radio station in the CAR, broadcasting in French and the local language Sango. Eighty percent of people in the capital Bangui listen to it every day, while it also broadcasts in other major towns and on shortwave.

Yet Radio Ndeke Luka and its community radio partners struggle for survival each year, despite their uncontested popularity with listeners. Fondation Hirondelle, which is manager and editorial overseer of Radio Ndeke Luka, also needs funds to extend its coverage to the whole of the CAR — even more vital at this time.

RNL needs you. Donate directly to Radio Nkede Luka through this link (all donations made through December 31 will go directly to RNL).

In the last few months the radio has been the victim of looting, but above all harassment and threats against its journalists. Some of them have been forced to their knees with guns pointed to their heads, but they continue to work with courage and professionalism.  International media coverage of the CAR and the work of RNL’s courageous journalists will also help protect them.

The journalists of Radio Ndeke Luka and of Fondation Hirondelle are available to answer any questions you may have about their work and the situation in the CAR.

Yves Laplume  Editorial Specialist + 41 79 348 76 86

Press Contact:  + 41 21 654 20 20