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Widening Coverage of International Justice

 Hirondelle News Agency’s website carries extensive reporting not only on the ICTR in Arusha but also the ICC in The Hague, as well as access to archives. Samuel Turpin reports.

 Since the international justice coverage of Hirondelle News Agency has been expanded, its website has been adapted accordingly. The site now allows users to find all the reports on cases before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the click of a button. Users will see some visible changes at the interface: a new logo, a new subscription service, and links to relevant resource websites. However, the biggest changes have taken place in the administrative part of the site that users cannot see.

More than 16,000 reports in French and English archived over the last 14 years have been re-categorized so that the site can better meet needs both in terms of the daily journalistic work and the archives. As a result, users can search according to different criteria: by date, case, accused person (trials current, past or on appeal) and key words.

The updated site has met immediate user interest. The number of visits to the French version of the website has doubled in four months, while those to the site in English have gone up by 50%.