What we do

Our Mission


Hirondelle USA is a non-profit organization supporting locally reported news and information in settings emerging from conflict or faced with humanitarian crisis.

Founded as a US 501 (c) 3 in 2009, Hirondelle USA helps build and sustain independent media in post conflict countries through a partnership with Fondation Hirondelle. We believe that credible, accurate local media reporting fosters a culture of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It can save lives during conflicts and natural disasters by reaching audiences that resist or are beyond the reach of official information campaigns.

Our Projects

Providing information and voice to women in Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire

Women and girls are uniquely and disproportionately affected by armed conflict. The absence of rule of law, widespread impunity and exclusion from decision-making and participation in economic, social and political sphere leaves women vulnerable to rape, abduction, sexual exploitation and abuse, and other forms of gender based violence. With the overall objective of contributing to the quality and quantity of professional reporting that addresses women’s needs in Mali, GuineaSierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire, with a particular focus on holistic coverage of sexual violence and other forms of gender-based exploitation,  The Ford Foundation is supporting Hirondelle USA to provide training and mentorship with our media and community radio partners build skills in professional reporting on issues affecting women and their families.

Listen to our programs on SoundCloud and on Studio Tamani’s website.

Reporting on the environment: Biodiversity and natural resource management in West and Central Africa through accurate, accessible and informed broadcast journalism

Conservation and protection of the abundant natural resources and rich biodiversity of West and Central Africa’s forests is a vital part of ensuring peace and sustainable development in the region. These forest ecosystems are of global importance in terms of climate change mitigation, and are considered among the most biologically diverse in the world. Yet human intervention, often driven by poverty and civil conflict, has placed extreme stress on these unique and fragile ecosystems.

To address the need for information and better understanding of the natural environment we have developed a three-year regional program of training and broadcast that will enrich and amplify professional radio reporting on environmental issues in Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. Hirondelle media and community radio partners in each of the countries will produce and broadcast programs that accurately reflect the stories, concerns, and challenges relating to conservation, development, livelihoods, and food security.

The Overall objective of the project is to strengthen national, regional and international efforts to sustain ecological balance and local livelihoods in the Upper Guinea Forest and Congo Basin Forest regions through mass media and information technology.

For more information, view the project here.

Reporting on transitional justice: JusticeInfo.Net

JusticeInfo.Net is a media platform dedicated to global transitional justice coverage. It responds to an information gap in countries emerging from violence, providing the means for local populations to engage in the transitional justice mechanisms- for instance the International Criminal Court or truth and reconciliation commissions.

JusticeInfo.Net aims to be the “go to” media and discussion platform for comprehensive journalistic reporting and academic analysis of transitional justice issues and background/tool kits. Its newsroom produces high quality field reports sourcing Hirondelle field projects and participating networks, feeding a live news.

JusticeInfo.Net serves as an early warning media outlet, a ‘watchdog’ amplifying the voices of the affected communities and linking these voices to international mechanisms to prevent violations of human rights. It is a project of Fondation Hirondelle and Hirondelle USA, in collaboration with Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Oxford Transitional Justice Research.

For more information, view a video of our JusticeInfo.Net event in New York with USG Adama Dieng.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Independence from political and economic powers
  • Integrity
  • Respect and tolerance
  • An open approach to the world