About JusticeInfo.Net

Led by Editor-In-Chief Thierry Cruvelier, who has covered crimes against humanity for more than 20 years, JusticeInfo.net is the only global media focused soley on social justice run by specialized journalists. Justice Info provides specialized coverage of international criminal justice, transitional justice and climate related litigation. Info Justice is committed to producing rigorous, independent, and exclusive information in conflict and post-conflict countries around the world.

The Justice Info project combines the production of editorial content with the training of local journalists, and actively contributes to the dialogue on justice issues related with widespread crimes. It participates in, or organizes forums, that help bring expertise and field reporting into national and international discussions. It is closely monitoring a new wave of activism that is mobilizing indigenous people and city dwellers alike. This movement aims to address state and corporate accountability before national and regional courts, using United Nations mechanisms and, possibly soon, international tribunals such as the International Criminal Court (ICC).


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