Incubated by Hirondelle USA, Climate+Capital is a purpose-driven media platform focused on the role of capital in addressing climate change. Important to this effort will be front line reporting from Fondation Hirondelle’s global network of local journalists across Africa and South Asia.

Climate+Capital convenes, participates and reports on a vibrant conversation taking place among entrepreneurs, climate scientists, investors, NGOs, policymakers and corporate leaders focused on climate change and sustainable investing. Driving that discussion is a shared realization that building a sustainable future is both a moral imperative and an economic opportunity with potentially exponential investment returns.

In preparation for our January 2020 launch, we are also developing a directory of a 'who’s who' in Climate+Capital. Our community is for the doers of climate change who are looking to connect with other like-minded people on business, investing, policy, academia and science.

If you are as passionate about these issues as we are, we invite you to join us.

" In my opinion, there is no solution to this other than an economic market based one… So imagine now if we look at this energy problem, which is essentially what the global warming problem is, how do you re-power the planet? Well, you come up with a way of developing this so that there are investable projects; that there are things that can be done tomorrow. "

— Peter Demenocal
Dean of Science, Founding Director of the Center for Climate and Life, Columbia University.

Our Foundational Beliefs...

  1. Climate Change is an existential threat to global economies, markets, and society.
  2. We facilitate, report and connect the fast-growing conversation among climate stakeholders at the crossroads of Climate & Capital.
  3. This connection will drive disproportionate returns by building businesses in an environmentally sustainable way.


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