Ukraine: JusticeInfo trains a network of journalists covering war-related trials

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During the training session in Lviv, Ukraine. ©Yuri Vasiliev IRMI, International Institute for Regional Media and Information, our online media, which has been covering international justice since June 2015, organized a training session in Lviv, Ukraine, early November, on the topic of journalistic coverage of war-related trials. This training allowed several Ukrainian journalists to consolidate their knowledge and their profesionnal ties.

Two Ukrainian journalists specialized in court reporting – Iryna Salii, founder of the Sudovyi Reporter (Court Reporter) website, and investigative journalist Serhyi Andrushko – recently led a two-day training session in Lviv (western Ukraine) with Franck Petit, deputy editor of 

The workshop, held on November 5-6, focused on journalistic coverage of war-related trials. The eight participants came from six cities in Ukraine, where they cover trials for war crimes and war-related crimes (collaboration, treason, participation in an illegal armed group or terrorist group). 

They were able to share their experiences, strengthen their knowledge and the professional and human ties that unite the members of this unique network in a Ukraine that is responding to the Russian invasion with military, diplomatic and judicial resources. 

A highlight of this training was when two judges from Lviv agreed to share their experiences of these new trials and to answer the journalists' questions. 

For nearly six months, together with others who could not make the trip to Lviv, these journalists have been doing demanding and exemplary work all across Ukraine, with the editorial support of Justice Info staff as part of a project implemented by Fondation Hirondelle, with funding from Swiss Solidarity and private donors. 

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